Track New Contacts

SpyTrac notifies you when a new contact is saved in the address book on the target smartphone or tablet.

With SpyTrac You Can:

View the name of the new contact.

View the number and other information associated with the new contact.

Check the date on which the contact was added to the device.

Any Restrictions?

There are no restrictions on SpyTrac’s track new contacts feature.

Why is this feature useful?

Learn who your child or employee is communicating with on a daily basis. Stay up-to-date on any new friends, contacts, business referrals, and more. Screen contacts from the moment your child adds a new number to their phone or tablet. Discover if an employee is adding contacts for business, searching for a new job, or conducting inappropriate communications on company-owned devices.

What our clients have to say


“Spytrac is working great, but I would like to especially thank the support team! You guys are great and I always got quick help, from installing the app to accessing deleted messages and using advanced features. This is perfect for parents who are not tech-savvy.”


“Being a mom of two teens “full-time” I often stress a lot. Before I started using SpyTrac, I have had sleepless nights wondering if they’re outside with friends or hanging out with strange companies when they need to be home. Since I am in a position to track their text and see their location – I could finally get a peace of mind. Thank you!”

Hunter P

“Out teenage daughter wouldn’t come out of her room and seemed nervous every time she for a message of notification. Wife and I tried talking with her, but she wouln’t come clean. That’s when we found SpyTrac and saw she was getting awful messages and photos from the girls in her class. We talked to the principal and the school helped us handle the situation.”

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