Android 10 Settings

Please follow the steps below to make application fully functional in your Android 10 devices

1. Enable USB Debugging on the Target Phone

Step 1:

Go to Menu > Settings (This can be found in Apps or pop-up menu.) >  About phone (About, About phone or About tablet)

Step 2: 

Tap on  Build number for 4 to 8 times (Once done, you will see a message which congratulates you have become a developer.) > Go back to Settings page > Unlock  Developer options > Check the box next to  USB debugging

2. Download and RUN the Permissions Tool on WINDOWS/MAC Computer.

Download and run permission tool in your windows/MAC computer for Windows use  And for MAC use 

Please see the steps as follows:

1. Download, Extract and Run the application. Click on “More info” and “Run anyway” and Continue.

2. Connect the target phone to the computer as shown below.

3. The application will automatically configure the device, please keep patience until the below message is obtained.

4. Press Ok and complete the process.

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