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+ Track all calls and texts, including the deleted ones.

+ Keep up with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and phone gallery.

+ Track GPS location + adjust protection and alarms.

+ Real-time video, screen, and audio are available.

All Android devices are compatible.

What makes SpyTrac global
top parental supervision software?

Chosen by millions of parents worldwide. Almost 100% repeating clients.

Round-the-clock support is here for you. Supervising is performed remotely.

Daily supervision service comes at a bargain price.

Put your concerns aside and have a direct insight into your child’s online actions.

See your child’s device’s current location instantly. Browse GPS history and adjust alarms.

Easy and quick installation. Everything is under 15 minutes.

Parental supervision software for your child’s safety in the online world

SpyTrac Highlights

Perfecting our service is our mission. We enable access to the latest social media and communication applications. We’re adding new layers of protection and security regularly.


Even if a message is removed from the child’s device, see all messages sent or received.


Have an updated list of outgoing and incoming calls, their time and duration, plus full caller info.


Supervise social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, and others, as well as your child’s browser history.


Configure swearing alarms, geo-fencing, contact alarms, and other features to help you sleep better at night.


Chats from Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Kik, and other popular messaging applications are all accessible.


Keep track of your child’s location thanks to accessing their live position and GPS history.


See and download all images and videos captured, downloaded, and received by the supervised device.


Manage your child’s device by blocking or limiting downloaded or built-in applications.

Improve your child’s safety in the online world with SpyTrac

All Android phones and tablets are compatible.

Happy Clients Have Happy Stories


“SpyTrac is one of my favorite apps! It is plain fantastic. I want to thank the support crew in particular. I have always received prompt assistance with anything I need. That includes installing the app, retrieving deleted messages, and using other interesting features. This is ideal for the parents who feel like aliens in this tech world.”


“I am a parent, and naturally, I worry a lot. I am a working mom of two teenagers that spend a lot of time online. I used to lose sleep thinking if they’re hanging out with strangers or visiting dangerous places that are not suitable for their age group. I stopped worrying when I started using SpyTrac. I can see their text messages and GPS location whenever I want. I know some of you will say that that is not really nice. However, I choose to keep my children safe, thank you very much.”


“I want to thank SpyTrac and you guys for helping me realize that my daughter was receiving obscene texts and shared photos from her classmates. My wife and I were worried sick because our daughter became anxious every time she received a new text message. She didn’t want to talk to us, but I installed SpyTrac on her phone and saw the truth. We turned to the school headmaster who helped us deal with the matter.”

Knowing your child’s business means protecting them from harm.

SpyTrac helps you keep your child safe.

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